Bold, fun and confident!  Bellybunny is dedicated to empowering woman and girls to love their body. We makes high quality activewear for all shapes and sizes. Every body is a Bellybunny.


Wear your confidence and be inspired! Inspired by the art of bellydance, Bellybunny is committed to empowering women and girls to love their body no matter what size, shape or age, in activewear that fits and feels good. Whether you are an extra small or a plus size, Bellybunny has something for every body. So, get ready to move your belly, bunny! No dance experience required:)


Bellybunny believes in people and the planet. Our brand inspires women and girls to live their best lives in the beautiful body that they were given. Protecting the planet is part of that philosophy. To that end, we reduce waste by limiting our packaging and by using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailers whenever possible. The inks we use for printing are Oeko-Tex® certified---vegan, water-based, and free of harmful chemicals. We also have offer items made from 100% organic cotton as well as some items made from fabric that is Oeko-Tex® certified. Click here to learn more about our sustainability policy.

The Founder

Our founder fell upon bellydance by chance one day and hasn't stopped shimmying since! She immediately fell in love with the art form's freedom of movement and expression, its woman-centered focus and strong sense of community, and most all, its embrace of all women, no matter what age or body type, as beautiful. Through Bellybunny, she spreads that message and that love, creating an activewear line that instills confidence, inspires your every day and puts a little sparkle in your day and shimmy in your step.

Every body is a bellybunny!